Lorentz Submersible Solar Pumps

has been using the power of the sun to pump water since 1993. KG ELECTRIC introduced these pumps to the southern African market in 2003, establishing a track record over the years, with many thousands of Lorentz pumps in the field.

We segment applications for solar water pumping into broadly three areas:

  • Drinking Water - for people and livestock
  • Irrigation - from small crops to large commercial farms
  • Leisure - solar pool pumps, pond management and similar

The fist two applications  are generally served by the Lorentz submersible range, and Leisure is covered by surface pumps.

The Lorentz submersible pumps are divided into a number of model ranges, starting from the small PS150C up to the large PSk range. Each range has a number of models - in this way we are able to optimally address the pumping parameters of individual applications, matching pump to client requirments, to obtain best efficiency and performance.

In general, the smaller pump ranges cover the drinking water applications, whereas the larger pumps are employed in irrigation applications, although there can of course be significant overlap, depending on client requirements.






PS150 C

PS150 C

Lift up to 20 m - Flow rate up to 5 m^3/h - 12-24 V DC
PS200 Family

PS200 Family

Lift up to 50 m - Flow rate up to 2.7 cu m/h - 24-48 V DC
PS600 Family

PS600 Family

Lift up to 180 m - Flow rate up to 11 cu m/h - 48-72 V DC
PS1200 Family

PS1200 Family

Lift up to 240 m - Flow rate up to 21 m^3/h - 72-96 V DC nominal voltage in solar operation - 72-96 V DC in battery operation - This higher voltage system will allow smaller wire sizing
PS1800 Family

PS1800 Family

Lift up to 250 m - Flow rate up to 51 cu m/h - 72-96 V DC
PS4000 Family

PS4000 Family

Lift up to 350 m - Flow rate up to 70 cu m/h - 168-192 V DC
PSk Family

PSk Family

Lift up to 180 m - Flow rate up to 135 cu m/h

Solar Pump Accessories

Power Packs for AC Operation - For PS600, PS1200, PS1800 and PS4000 Pump Families

Solar PV Panels


Solarworld SW245, 245Wp R3060.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW180, 180Wp R2245.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW145, 145Wp  R1810.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW80, 80Wp R1020.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC80, 80Wp R1060.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC185, 185W R2220.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC250, 250W R2870.00 excl VAT

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Lorentz Solar Water Pumps

  • Submersible pumps to lift water from boreholes, dams and rivers for drinking water, irrigation applications etc
  • Surface pumps for swimming pool filtration & circulation, pond management, irrigation