22 November 2013

Largest Solar Pump System set installed

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Configuration of 3 x 15KW - nominal surface solar pumps

In what is believed to be the biggest solar pump system arrangement in South Africa to date, KG ELECTRIC has supplied a 52KWp solar pumping system set at Haakdoringduin and Norekei, about 110km from Upington. The installation was undertaken by AgriSolar of Upington, with engineering and commissioning assistance from KG Electric

The  solar pump system consists of three Lorentz type PS21k surface pumps each powered by about 17.5KW-peak solar PV arrays, yielding a nominal performance of up to 115cum/hour at 70m total head.
The client is the Kalahari-Wes Users Association and purpose of the solar pump system is to largely replace the current Diesel driven pumps at Haakdoringduin, which supply water to a community of about 83 farmers via 3 main lines. It is envisaged that the operation of the existing diesel pumps will be largely curtailed, acting as a “top-up” in the evenings and acting as standby.

This project has been under consideration for more than 2 years and given the improved price/performance ratio of PV technology and the coming to market of reliable larger solar pumps, as well as rapidly increasing diesel costs, it was decided to implement it now. With some further demand side management it should be possible to achieve a payback period of under 6 years.

A fourth pump is expected to be added to the system in 2014

Pump Data sheet

Solar PV Panels


Solarworld SW245, 245Wp R3060.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW180, 180Wp R2245.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW145, 145Wp  R1810.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW80, 80Wp R1020.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC80, 80Wp R1060.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC185, 185W R2220.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC250, 250W R2870.00 excl VAT

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Lorentz Solar Water Pumps

  • Submersible pumps to lift water from boreholes, dams and rivers for drinking water, irrigation applications etc
  • Surface pumps for swimming pool filtration & circulation, pond management, irrigation