Drip Irrigation

Application Topic - Drip Irrigation


Modern irrigation systems use pressure to lift and distribute water in pipes or hoses directly to the roots of
crops or plants by dripping or to planted areas by sprinkling or spraying. Supplement irrigation supports the
natural rainfall and therefore reduces the risk of crop loss and improves yield and quality. Traditional irrigation
aliments crops with water in the dry season or in arid regions and is a main factor for the success of
agriculture production.
The combination of PV pumps with micro (e.g. drip) irrigation systems is especially suitable in remote areas
without connection to the electricity grid..........

Solar PV Panels


Solarworld SW245, 245Wp R3060.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW180, 180Wp R2245.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW145, 145Wp  R1810.00 excl VAT
Solarworld SW80, 80Wp R1020.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC80, 80Wp R1060.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC185, 185W R2220.00 excl VAT
Lorentz LC250, 250W R2870.00 excl VAT

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Lorentz Solar Water Pumps

  • Submersible pumps to lift water from boreholes, dams and rivers for drinking water, irrigation applications etc
  • Surface pumps for swimming pool filtration & circulation, pond management, irrigation